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The CCLBA has a number of properties & parcels that are eligible for redevelopment by community developers.  Clicking the link below will take you to our Interactive Property Viewer, where we include property information, online application forms, and all other property-related information.  See below for instructions on how to filter for properties that are eligible to be developed.

  • If you see the word, ‘Homebuyer,’ that means that the property is reserved exclusively for a homebuyer and not a community developer.  Click Here to learn more about the CCLBA’s Homebuyer Direct program.
  • If you see the word, ‘Certificate,‘ that means that the parcel is part of the CCLBA’s Tax Certificate Program.




1. Navigate to our Interactive Property Viewer to view all CCLBA properties currently available.

2. Click on the, Filters tab located at the top of the map.

3.  Navigate to the, Inventory Type category and select either, Residential Home  or ‘Vacant Land‘ to view all properties eligible for redevelopment.  You are able to filter further by municipality, ward, and neighborhood if so desired.  If the property is labeled as a, ‘Certificate‘ that means it is part of the CCLBA’s Tax Certificate Program.  If the property is labeled as a, ‘Residential Home – Homebuyer‘ that means it is part of the CCLBA’s Homebuyer Direct Program and therefore ineligible to community developers.

4. If you are interested in any of the properties that pop up, please apply by clicking on that respective property and clicking, Apply.’ At that point, you will be prompted to create an account, which is required before applying for a property/parcel.

Once submitted, a CCLBA representative will respond to your application within five (5) business days. You can view the status of all applications by logging in to your personal account.  Please don’t hesitate to apply today!



If you are interested to know the rules for acquiring property from the CCLBA, please download the CCLBA Land Transactions Policy attached below. If you are interested in being pre-qualified as a property acquirer, you can also complete and submit a Pre-Qualification Form for Potential Property Acquirers.

Download PDF CCLBA Land Transactions Policy