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Applying Big Data to Vacants, and Other Steps Taken By Chicago’s Land Bank

By: Brady Dale In the age of Big Data, these decisions are becoming less complicated. Last month, fellows with the University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good began working with the Chicago area’s newly born Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA). The aim is to create a tool that will make it easier to process data on foreclosures, real estate trends and the like to determine which properties are the best candidates for redevelopment. Think of it as a data-backed triage unit for vacant land... Read More

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Attorney General Madigan Announces $70 Million to help rebuild Illinois Communities Devastated by Foreclosure Crisis

Press Release "Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced $70 million to assist housing efforts across the state to help rebuild Illinois communities that have been devastated by the national foreclosure crisis. The funding provided by Madigan stems from her lead role in obtaining a historic $25 billion national settlement last year with the country’s five largest" Read More

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