The Cook County Land Bank Authority (CCLBA) is excited to announce the 25 families that have won the CCLBA’s Home for the Holidays Giveaway!  The Land Bank will provide each winner with $1,000 for rent and mortgage relief.  CLICK HERE to view the official press release.

There were about 12,000 entrants in the drawing, which ran from Nov. 24 to Dec. 17. About 70 percent are renters in the city and suburban Cook County, and the rest are current homeowners. The 25 winners include 18 people who rent and seven homeowners.  CLICK HERE to watch the video of the winners being announced.

“The Land Bank congratulates all of the winners of the 2020 ‘Home for the Holidays’ drawing,” said Rob Rose, Executive Director of the Cook County Land Bank Authority. “As an agency dedicated to helping stabilize neighborhoods and empowering local businesses and residents, we know many people in Cook County are struggling to pay rent and mortgage, so we’re happy to help out during this tough year.”

Thank you to all who entered the drawing.  For those who didn’t win, we hope to see you at future giveaways!  The winners of the Home for the Holidays Giveaway are below, and sorted alphabetically by last name:

  • Paris Anderson of Chicago
  • Beatrice Anderson of Chicago
  • Birl Cal of Chicago
  • Carmellia Calmese of Chicago
  • Thenesia Ceaser of Chicago
  • Tiffany Dixon of Chicago
  • Sharnette Fletcher of Chicago
  • Jaime Harmon of Chicago
  • Dominique Hudson of Chicago
  • Kanja Johnson of Chicago
  • Thelma Johnson of Chicago
  • Lucille Jordan of Chicago
  • Denise Malinowski of Northlake
  • Vicki McCullough of Chicago
  • Rosalyn Overton of Chicago
  • Meagan Savage of Chicago
  • Eusebia Silva of Chicago
  • Edward Smith of Summit
  • Tanja Stevenson of Matteson
  • Renita Trotter of Chicago
  • Michelle Walker of Steger
  • Tanesha White of Chicago
  • Jerrisha White of Chicago
  • Carrie Williams of Chicago
  • Jerry Williams of Chicago



Each year, the CCLBA has looked forward to giving away a free home to a Cook County family (Home Giveaway Program).  In 2019, the Land Bank gave the lucky winner the keys and deed to a free, beautifully rehabbed single-family home in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.  This year, instead of providing a home for one winner, the CCLBA will award up to 25 residents rent and mortgage relief just in time for the holiday season.  The CCLBA’s, “Home for the Holidays” giveaway is free assistance, not a loan, and will be paid directly to winners’ banks and property managers.

Cook County residents can enter the drawing starting November 24th, 2020. The drawing will be open through December 17th, 2020, and CCLBA will announce the winners during the holiday season.  Winners will receive up to $1,000 to assist them in paying rent or mortgage.

The Land Bank expects other partners for the giveaway, thereby expanding the number of residents who’ll receive relief during the holidays.

The Land Bank has already returned nearly 1,100 tax-delinquent properties to tax-paying use and empowered more than 525 residents and community developers—80% of whom are people of color and women—who have rehabbed more than 600 single family homes, many of which would have been slated for demolition or left abandoned. This work has generated nearly $ 90 million in community wealth and enabled hundreds of community developers to create jobs and increase economic stability in their neighborhoods.

In addition to providing mortgage and rent relief this year, CCLBA is also offering webinars to help prospective homebuyers learn about the home finance options, Land Bank properties available to them in the Homebuyer Direct Program, as well as important information about homeownership. These virtual learning sessions and the holiday giveaway are part of the Land Bank’s ongoing effort to build equity and stability in Cook County neighborhoods.

“The Cook County Land Bank Authority is committed to transforming communities by breaking down barriers to homeownership and boosting the local economy,” said Rob Rose, Executive Director of the Cook County Land Bank Authority. “This year, we know that more homeowners and renters are struggling to pay bills due to the pandemic, so we’re broadening the annual home giveaway program to support more people.”



The Cook County Land Bank Authority, an independent agency of Cook County, was founded by the Cook County Board of Commissioners in 2013 to address residents and communities hit hard by the mortgage crisis. CCLBA gives local developers, community groups and potential homeowners the tools to transform their own communities from within.

The Land Bank acquires properties that have sat tax‐delinquent, abandoned and vacant for years and sells them at below‐market rates to qualified community‐based developers, who then rehab the properties. This approach not only keeps revenue and jobs in the community, but it also helps local developers grow their businesses. Learn more about the Cook County Land Bank Authority at http://www.cookcountylandbank.org or email info@cookcountylandbank.org.